Guide for GPF/DLIS Claim

The guidelines covered in the forthcoming pages are governed by "THE GENERAL PROVIDENT FUND (Central Services) RULES, 1960" as amended from time to time and also “ALL INDIA SERVICES (PROVIDENT FUND RULES 1955)”  in case of  "ALL INDIA SERVICES (IAS, IPS & IFS)”.Constitution of the Fund

Conditions of Eligibility

Temporary Government servants after continuous service of one year, re-employed pensioners and permanent Government servants shall subscribe to GPF compulsorily. Temporary Government servants may subscribe to GPF even before completion of one year’s service.

Vide Rule 4 of GPF (Central Services) Rules 1960 as amended.


Every subscriber has to nominate, in one of the applicable forms prescribed in the First schedule to the rules.  A subscriber can nominate one or more members of the family and specify the share payable to each nominee, if he/she nominates more than one person in the prescribed form.

Definition of family - For the purpose of GPF nomination, the family constitutes "spouse, parents, children, minor brothers, unmarried sisters, deceased son's widow and children”; and if no parent of the subscriber is alive, a paternal grand parent.

When a nominee becomes invalid, the nomination shall become invalid in the event of the happening of a contingency specified in the nomination. If at the time of making the nomination the subscriber has no family, he shall provide in the nomination paper that the nomination shall become invalid in the event of his subsequently acquiring a family.

Cancellation of nomination

Every nomination made and every notice of cancellation given by a subscriber shall to the extent that is valid, take effect from the date on which it is received by the Accounts officer or the Head of office, as the case may be.

Review of nominations

If there is no nominee/ deemed nominee, the payment of the GP Fund balances of a deceased subscriber may be allowed in favour of claimant(S) on the basis of the succession certificate or survival certificate, granted by the competent civil court or by the State Government.

Subscribers' Account

Each Head of Office shall send a statement (in duplicate) to the Accountant General (A&E) Tripura in the Form No.3 once in every month, indicating the relevant particulars of all Govt. Servants, who have joined his office in the preceding month and who are eligible to join the GP Fund under the State Govt. as per provision of the Rule of GPF (Central Services) Rules 1960.  For each subscriber, the GPF account number is allotted by the Accountant General  with a  'Prefix' indicating the department of the Subscriber.

The Drawing and Disbursing Officer in the State Government prepares the Staff Pay Bills along with GPF Recovery Schedules in respect G.P. Fund Subscribers under his payment control and transmits the same to Treasury Officer / Pay and Accounts Officer for payment and allotment of voucher numbers for both Credit Schedules and Debit Vouchers. The Treasury Officer, in turn, after such transaction is completed, transmit the same to the Office of the Accountant General for posting of data into the account of each Subscriber.

An account shall be prepared in the name of each subscriber and shall show the amount of his subscription with interest thereon calculated as per Rule 11 for subscriber.  The maintenance of GPF subscriber accounts is fully computerised in this office. However, Final payment cases are processed manually till now

Conditions of subscription

The subscriber shall subscribe monthly to the Fund except during :

Period of suspension

Last three months of service before superannuation.

Period treated as Dies-non.

Subscriber may at his/her option not to subscribe during the leave which either does not carry any leave salary or carries leave salary equal to or less than half pay or half average pay.


The Government shall pay to the credit of the amount of a subscriber, interest at such rate as may be determined for each year according to the method of calculation prescribed from time to time by the Govt. of Tripura.  The rate of Interest applicable on GPF is mentioned in table below:



Advances from the Fund

Temporary advance may be granted to a subscriber from the amount standing to his / her credit in the Fund at the discretion of the appropriate authority, to meet the expenditure as listed in Rule 12 of GPF (CS) rules 1960.

Conditions for sanction

There should be a sanction order in writing by an authority as per rule 12 of GPF (CS) Rules 1960.

No advance shall be granted unless the sanctioning authority is satisfied that the applicant's pecuniary circumstances justify it  and it will be expended on the specified object or objects and not otherwise. The temporary advance should not, except for special reasons, exceed 50% of the balance standing at his credit.

Recovery of advances

The advances shall be recovered from the subscriber in such number of equal monthly installments as the sanctioning authority may direct, but such number shall not be less than 12, unless the subscriber so elects, or more than 24 .


Withdrawals from the Fund

Withdrawals may be sanctioned by the authorities competent to sanction, at any time after the completion of fifteen years of service (including broken periods of Services, if any) of the subscribers.

Conditions for withdrawal

The withdrawal will not be permissible more than once in every six months, i.e. twice in any financial year.

Only one withdrawal is allowed for the same purpose.

The amount of withdrawal will be limited to that prescribed in Rule 15 and 16 GPF (CS) Rules 1960.

In one financial year, a subscriber can draw either the temporary advance or the part final withdrawal after a gap of 6 months of drawal of any one, so that there would be only two withdrawals in a year.

Final withdrawals from the Fund

Final withdrawal of accumulation in the Fund shall become payable to the government official

when a subscriber quits the service

when a subscriber retires on superannuation.

in case of death while in service

Submission of application for final withdrawal

The application duly signed by the subscriber / claimant for the final withdrawal of the balance at credit in the account should be given to the department one year before the date of retirement and it is to be forwarded to Accountant General's office along with requisite documents by the authority, who is competent to sanction temporary advance / part final withdrawal to the subscriber.

Manner of payment

The Accounts Officer shall after verification with the ledger account issue an authority for the amount, determined as payable, at least a month before the date of superannuation but payable on the date of superannuation.  The GPF accumulations payable to the Government Servant shall be paid to the person(s) on whom the right to receive the amount is conferred by means of a nomination as per rules, if the said Government Servant dies after retirement without receiving the GPF accumulations. If the Government Servant dies while in service, where there is no nomination, the amount will be paid to the family members as per rules.