Procedure for Submission of Application by the Pensioner and the Process involved in the payment:


Submission of signed Application to the Office of the Accountant General (A&E) through his Department in the case of non gazetted officer and direct, if gazetted officer, along with the following:

  • Pension Book - 2 copies in the case of Gazetted Officer and one copy in the case of non gazetted officers.
  • Joint Photo (with spouse) – 3 copies of Passport size Joint Photographs with wife or husband duly attested by Head of Office. 
  • Identification marks - 2 copies duly attested by a Gazetted Officer
  • Specimen signature - 2 sets duly attested by a Gazetted Officer
  • Nomination for Life Time Arrears of Pension / Gratuity  /CVP.
  • Details of family - with age and marital status and details of handicapped members, if any, with Medical Certificate from a Medical Board
  • Death Certificate /Departmental Enquiry Report in the case of Family Pension along with the application for Family Pension

Service book (Date of birth, Date of appointment duly noting the date of retirement, last pay drawn duly regulating  pay/Special pay/Personal pay etc. service verification done from date of appointment  to date of retirement)

Covering letter by the forwarding authority.

Verification & Authorization

  • On receipt of the application and after verification of the proposal, AG admits the pensionary benefits based on the qualifying service and average emoluments and sends the admittance report to the department along with the service book.
  • Authorises the pensionary benefits in Pension Payment Order (for pension) Gratuity Order & commutation order (commutation of the pension) in two copies. First copy is sent to the Treasury and the second copy to the pensioner.

 Pension Payment Order

  • Two PPO books are prepared ( Pensioner's half  & Disburser's half) and sent to Treasury Officer
  • Three copies of forwarding letter for PPO are sent, one each to pensioner, Department and treasury for information.
  • Pension is payable at the treasury desired by the pensioner

Gratuity Payment Order

Two copies of GPO authorisations are prepared, and sent one each to the Treasury Officer  and the Pensioner

Commuted Value of Pension

Two copies of CVP authorisations are prepared and sent to the Treasury Officer   and the Pensioner.

Receipt of Pensionary benefits authorised by Accountant General

The Pensioner should approach the Treasury Officer for payment of PPO, DCRG and CVP by production of the intimation received from the Accountant General. Payment of DCRG is arranged on production of NLC/LC from the department. In the case of Panchayat employees, DCRG is authorized only after getting the NLC/LC in this office from the department.  

Note: For any revision or increase in D.A. on pension, the pensioner should approach the Treasury Officer / Bank.