Title Date Document/Link
Tender for maintenance of evaporative air cooling system (ducting) 06-Apr-2021 PDF (1.00 MB)
Tender for AMC of Line Printers 26-Mar-2021 PDF (1.14 MB)
Tender for Printing of forms / diaries / registers with binding 19-Mar-2021 PDF (1.19 MB)
Tenders for Maintenance Contract of Air Cooler System 11-Mar-2021 PDF (0.14 MB)
Tender for the sale of scrap 09-Mar-2021 PDF (0.13 MB)
Pension Adalat 2020 held on 31.12.20 25-Dec-2020 PDF (0.06 MB)
Development and lmplementation of Web based and SMS based Services of Entitlements (GPF, Pension and Gazetted Entitlements) in Field offices across lndia 23-Sep-2020 PDF (0 MB)