The function of T.I.CELL is mainly related with the detailed checking of Treasury Accounts and functions  as per Rajasthan Treasury Rules 2012 and other guidelines issued by the State Govt. like G.F.&AR etc. as the compilation & maintenance of state accounts is the responsibility of CAG under the section of 10  to 12 of CAG`s DPC Act 1971.

The work of Try Inspection was entrusted to the Accounts and Entitlement offices by the CAG of  India vide Central Office  circular No. 08/O&M/91 bearing No. 513-O&M/8-91 dated 13.02.1991 w.e.f. 1.4.1991 dealing with compilation of accounts received from treasuries.

At present 41 Treasuries and 253 Sub-treasuries & O/o D.T.A, Rajasthan are working in state.

The Inspection of Treasuries, sub Treasuries and O/o D.T.A. Rajasthan is being done every year as per approved Annual plan prepared on the basis of Risk Based Assessment.