O/o Accountant General (A&E), Karnataka

Office Address O/o Accountant General(A&E), Karnataka
  Park House Road, Post Box. No: 5329
  Bangalore- 560 001
Gram Accounts Bangalore
STD Code 080
EPABX 22379335
Fax 22264691
Email agaekarnataka[at]cag[.]gov[.]in
If you wish to Contact any of Our officers in the Office of AG(A&E)  directly, the contact numbers are:
Sl.no Designation Name Phone Number
1. Accountant General(A&E) Ms. Smita Gopal 22252425
2. DAG (Admin) and Public Information Officer (PIO) Mr.  Vigneshwaran K 22208096
3. DAG Funds Ms. Madhavi Kakarakayala (i/c) 22250662
4. DAG -GE Ms. Madhavi Kakarakayala 22268177
5. DAG- Accounts and VLC Mr.  Prinson Varghese 22268964
6. DAG - Pension Ms.  Rajarajeswari R 22262654
7. Welfare officer Ms. Manjula Gopalakrishna C 22264202