GE Group deals with:

  • All service matters, Issue of Pay Slips, Leave Salary Authorizations and other Authorizations.
  • Verification of service and pay particulars of officers andforwarding of pension Papers along with History of services to Pension wing for finalization of Pension and other retirement benefits.
  • Maintenance of History of Service and the leave accounts - of the following Dignitaries/Gazetted Officers serviced by this Office.


1. The Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka and his ADC

2. The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Ministers, Speaker, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, Chairman, Deputy Chairman of Legislative Council, Leaders of the Opposition in both the Houses and the Chief Whip.

3. Members of All India Services

4. Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Members of the Karnataka Administrative Tribunal.

5. Lokayukta and Upalokayukta

6. Chairpersons of the non-official Commissions or Committees

7. Group ‘A’ and certain category of Group ‘B’ Officers of State Government of Karnataka.

(Note: Pension cases are finalized in Pension Wing of this office).

The digitally signed authorisations of entitlements (Pays & Allowances and Leave details) so determined are then uploaded to GEPublic portal to enable view / download by the Officers and present to the DDO.