Administrative wing of the Office essentially deals with administrative matters of the office, which includes appointments, promotions, transfers, postings, purchases, personal claims of the officials like Salary, Travelling Allowance, GPF, etc. The total effective strength of the office as on 01-10-2022 stands at 1114 comprising of 6 IA & AS Officers, 01 Welfare Officer, 41 Sr.AOs, 135 AAOs, 19AAOs (Adhoc), 1 P.S to Principal Accountant General (A&E), 01 Hindi Officer, 25 Supervisors, 11 Personal Assistants, 02 Sr. Console Operators, 01 Welfare Assistant and other staffs

The Administrative Wing is headed by DAG (Admin).The number of sections under the charge of DAG (Admn) is 12 Viz:

  • ES - I, 
  • ES – II, E&C
  • Training Cell
  • Confidential Cell
  • PAO ( 3 Sections)
  • DAG (Admn) Secretariat
  • Hindi Cell
  • Record Management / Current Record
  • IT Support Cell
  • House Keeping
  • Tappal Main Building, Tappal New Building
  • RTI Cell