To whom it is payable -

  • When a Government Servant dies while in service or after retirement, family pension is payable to the Family.
  • The Family for the purpose of Family Pension means –
    • Wife/Husband.
    • Unmarried Sons/Daughters up to the age of 25 years.
    • In cases where the individual leaves behind neither a widow/widower nor a child, widowed or divorced daughter and then parents are entitled to normal rate of Family Pension.
    • Except in the case of widow/widower, the grant of family pension is subject to the condition of income criteria of Rs. 2,550/- per month.
    • Family pension is payable only to one person at a time except in respect of twin children and more than one widow, if the Government servant is a Muslim and in respect of others, family pension is payable to the legal wife and the children of other wives, in case of illegal marriages.
    • No nomination facility is available for family pension.