The authority for audit by the CAG and reporting to Parliament is derived from Articles 149 and 151 of the Constitution of India respectively and the Comptroller and Auditor General’s (Duties, Powers and Conditions of Service) Act, 1971 (the Act). The CAG conducts audit of expenditure of Ministries / Departments of the Government of India under Sections 13 and 17 of the CAG’s (DPC) Act. Bodies established by or under law made by the Parliament and containing specific provisions for audit by the CAG are statutorily taken up for audit under Section 19(2) of the Act. Audit of other organisations (Corporations or Societies) is entrusted to the CAG in public interest under Section 20(1) of the Act. In addition, Central Autonomous Bodies (CABs), which are substantially financed by grants / loans from the Consolidated Fund of India, are audited by the CAG under Section 14(1) of the Act.


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