As per Article 343 of the Constitution, Hindi is the official language of India. The Government of India was entrusted with the duty of promotion and development of the Hindi language under Article 351 so that it could serve as a medium of expression for all elements of the composite culture of India. As a follow-up action, the Official Languages ​​Act, 1963 was enacted by the Parliament followed by the Official Language Rules, 1976. In pursuance of the Constitutional provisions, this office is notified under rule 10(4) of the Official Language Rules, 1976 and every effort is made to ensure compliance of the provisions of the Official Language Act, 1963 and the Official Language Rules, 1976 made thereunder. Compliance of all the directives issued by the Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs is ensured, and all the work related to implementation of Official Language is executed by the Rajbhasha Section -

  • Ensure to achieve the targets set in the annual program issued by the Department of Official Language.

  • Translation of all the audit reports into Hindi.

  • Translation of various office documents from English to Hindi and from Hindi to English as per requirement.

  • Organize regular quarterly meetings of Official Language Implementation Committees and issue minutes of the meetings.

  • Send quarterly reports and compliance reports to the Headquarters Office and Department of Official Language regarding the progressive use of Hindi.

  • Forward Annual Hindi Report to the Headquarters Office.

  • Ensure to purchase the Hindi books as per rules.

  • Eend the half yearly report to the Town Official Language Implementation Committee and participate in the related meetings.

  • Inspection of Hindi related work of various sections of the office.

  • Arrange training for Hindi Prabodh, Praveen and Pragya and Hindi typing under the Hindi Teaching Scheme.

  • Organizing Hindi Divas / Fortnight in the office.

  • Publication of the annual Hindi magazine 'यमुनातीरे'.

  • Notifying the subordinate offices under Rule10(4) of the Official Language Rules, 1976

  • Reviewing quarterly reports of subordinate offices.

  • Monitoring the simplementation of Official Language in all subordinate offices and accordingly take appropriate action and issue guidelines.


Annual Hindi Magazine

1. Yamunateere 2023

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