Ms. Roopal Prakash

Ms.Roopal Prakash belongs to the 2007 batch of the Indian Audit and Accounts Services. She has joined this office as Sr. Deputy Accountant General/Economic Sector-II w.e.f 11 June 2018. Before taking over charge in this office, she was posted as Director, office of the Director General of Audit, Post & Telecommunications, Delhi.



Shri Aditya Pant

Shri Aditya Pant belongs to the 2018 Batch of the Indian Audit and Accounts Service.  He assumed charge as Dy. Accountant General (AMG-III), O/o the Pr.Accountant General (Audit-II) Gujarat, Ahmedabad with effect from 27th of July 2020, on completion of training at National Academy of Audit and Accounts, Shimla.

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