Compliance to Audit Observations

After completion of audit, the audit observations are being forwarded to audited entities in the form of Inspection Report (IR). The major observation (part-II-A paras) which have potentiality are being forwarded to HoDs in the form of Statement of Facts (SoF). After getting reply from the HoD about the SoFs the same are processed as Potential Draft Paras (PDPs) and subsequently issued to the Government for obtaining Government's reply before final inclusion in the Audit Report as Draft Paras (DPs).

There exists several mechanism for enforcing compliance to audit viz. Broad Sheet Replies, Audit Committee Meetings, Bi-lateral meetings, Quarterly/ half Yearly report of Outstanding IRS/ Paras, etc.

In case of Draft paras of Audit Reports, selected paras are being discussed in the Public Accounts Committee and recommendations/Action Taken Notes are being forwarded to this end on the basis of such discussion by the PAC.

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