Overview of Training

A structured- initiative, with the objective of strengthening the skills of every employee and to bring them all to a higher level so that they have similar skills with diverse emerging ideas and knowledge. It enhances the functional efficiency of the department and all-round development of staff with a confluence of academic rigor and intellectual freedom coupled with ethical and professional standards. Training is planned to address the existing gap with required competencies assessed from the Annual work plan of the office through Training Need Analysis by a committee chaired by the Head of the Department.

Training Levels


A Decentralised training module to assign an active role in training at the Group level and to meet their specific training needs that are unique in nature. An Annual In-house training calendar is prepared by consolidating the training needs of all the wings at the beginning of each year. The trainings are conducted at Group level by each wing. Faculty to these trainings are drawn from academicians, departmental officials, retired experts as well as serving staff. A quarterly report is also prepared and sent to Headquarters on the conduct of these courses. In order to ensure the relevance and utility of these trainings, feedback of all the trainees is obtained and the necessary action is taken.

Regional Training Centre

The Regional Training Centre, Bangalore is one of the two Regional Training Centers besides ten Regional Training Institutes of the Indian Audit & Accounts Department. This Training Centre caters to the training requirements of 9 user offices of the Indian Audit & Accounts Department located in Karnataka. Regional Training Centre, Bangalore has been identified as the Knowledge Resource Centre in the Area of Information Technology and Information Technology Audit. A Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) notified by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India advises the training center in deciding the Annual Training Calendar. The administrative control of this center is with O/o. Principal Director of Audit (Central), Bengaluru.

Other Training programs

This office also nominates officials to various training programs for training in Knowledge Resource center topics to the institutes across the entire nation. This encourages knowledge sharing across the nation and trainees are encouraged to impart training on these topics in-house. An Impact Evaluation form is obtained from all the trainees after three (03) months from the last day of training to assess the utility and Impact of training as assessed by their supervising officer and Group officer.

System Automation Initiative (SAI)

SAI training project automates the entire training workflow on an open-source technology platform as a completely paperless, database-driven training for the department.

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