The following staff welfare needs are mainly attended to :-

  • Giving personal hearing to individual members of staff regarding their difficulties or grievances.
  • Assistance to staff suddenly taken ill or those chronically ill.  Helping in securing admission in hospitals for treatment.
  • Helping in cases of need, in securing admission of children in schools, colleges and other educational institutions.
  • Assisting in cases of need, families of persons on protracted tours
  • Assistance in allotment of Central Government Quarters
  • Grants-in-aid, extra-curricular, welfare activities, etc.
  • Purchase of books and maintenance of Library
  • Administration of IA&AD Benevolent Fund.
  • Personal verification of wards of deceased employees who apply for the job on compassionate grounds.
  • Celebrating national festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, Sadbhavana Diwas, etc. to sustain the importance of these special days and inculcate patriotism towards the country.
  • Maintaining close co-ordination with Central Government employees Welfare Co-ordination Committee for finalisation of holiday list/ empanelment of hospitals etc.
  • To arrange for meeting of the committee for redressal of complaints regarding sexual harassment of women at workplace.
  • Liaisoning for the senior officers of Headquarters/other offices on their visit to the State including their lodging and boarding arrangements.

House Keeping Activities

  • Cleanliness of Office Buildings, Canteen Premises and bathrooms including adequacy of water supply.
  • Neatness of workplace, including proper maintenance of furniture, removal of unwanted records, elimination and congestion in sections, adequacy of lighting and ventilation.
  • Adequacy of drinking water facilities.
  • Parking lots for cycles, scooters and cars and ensuring their safety and protection against sun and rain.
  • House Keeping and care of the Office Building, including maintenance and care of Gardens and Lawns.
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