Compliance Performance

Report No 1 of 2016 - Social Sectors Government of Karnataka

Date on which Report Tabled:
Wed 23 Mar, 2016
Date of sending the report to Government:
Government Type:
Sector Social Welfare,Education, Health & Family Welfare


This Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C&AG) relates to matters arising from performance audit of selected programmes and
activities and compliance audit of Government Departments and Autonomous Bodies.

Healthcare facilities in the State are provided through a three tier system viz., primary, secondary and tertiary level of healthcare.  A performance audit of the ‘Healthcare facilities in the State Sector Hospitals including Autonomous and Teaching Hospitals’ under the Secondary and Tertiary level of healthcare was conducted covering the period 2010-15.  There were inadequacies in creation of infrastructure as well as in providing healthcare services in terms of availability of services as well as quality care.

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