Report No.4 of 2020 - Economic and Revenue Sectors for the year ended March 2019, Government of Karnataka

Date on which Report Tabled:
Wed 09 Dec, 2020
Date of sending the report to Government:
Mon 07 Dec, 2020
Government Type:
Sector Finance


The Report features two Parts. Part-I deals with Economic Sector Audit whereas Part-II deals with Revenue Sector Audit.

Part-I of this Report contains two Chapters. Chapter-I deals with Budget profile and Application of resources of State Government, Authority for conducting Audit, Planning and conduct of Audit and Responsiveness of Government to Audit. Chapter-II contains one Compliance Audit paragraph on ‘Management of Zoos by the Zoo Authority of Karnataka’ besides six other observations relating to Departments of Forest, Ecology & Environment, Public Works, Ports & Inland Water Transport and Minor Irrigation & Ground Water Development.

Part-II of this Report contains four Chapters. Chapter-I contains details about the Revenue Receipts of the State Government. It also contains details on planning and conduct of audit, response of the Government/Departments towards Audit. Chapter-II contains one Compliance Audit on ‘Implementation of Transitional provisions under the Goods and Services Tax Acts in Karnataka’, besides nine other paragraphs relating to Commercial Taxes Department. Chapter-III contains five paragraphs relating to Department of Stamps and Registration and Chapter-IV contains two paragraphs relating to Department of Mines and Geology.

The instances mentioned in this Report are among those, which came to notice in the course of Audit for the year 2018-19 as well as those, which came to notice in earlier years, but could not be reported in the previous Audit Reports.

The audit has been conducted in conformity with the Auditing Standards issued by the CAG.

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