Loans to Government Servants

The delay in issuance of Clearance Certificates is due to the following reasons:

  • Misclassification of Loan Recoveries by DDOs & DTOs
  • Wanting schedules/vouchers from Treasuries and PAOs.
  • DDOs/DTOs were not responding immediately to the correspondence sent by this office.
  • Non – confirmation of communication of outstandingbalances by individualsas well as DDOs.
  • Furnishing irrelevant details of the missing credits which are not helpful for clearance of UC.
  • Non furnishing of loan drawal particulars required for calculation of interest.
  • Excess /Short recovery of interestby DDOs.
  • Poor watching of mortgage of property, insurance & overdue installments of principal amount which attracts penal interest.

Loans to Institutions

  • Non furnishing of the terms and conditions of Institution Loans like Period of loan, moratorium period if any, number of installments and amount of each installment, date of commencement of repayment, rate of interest/penal interest and special conditions if any.
  • Non confirmation of balances by institutions .
  • Reconciliation certificates not furnished by CCOs.