About Accounts Function:    

The Accounts Group of this office is headed by an IA &AS officer of the rank of Deputy Accountant General (DAG/Sr.DAG).The accounts of the Government of Telangana  are compiled based on the initial accounts rendered by 33 Districts, 31 Public Works  and Forest Pay and Accounts Offices (PAO), PAO-Telangana Legislature, Pension Payment Offce- Hyderabad, PAO- Telangana Bhavan, New Delhi. PAO- Hyderabad and Advices of the Reserve Bank of India.  In Telangana, treasuries compile the accounts from the vouchers (primary Compilation) which, along with th vouchers.sub vouchers, are then rendered to the Accountant General for secondary compilation.  The following reports/accounts are sent to State Government:                                

Monthly:     1) Monthly Civil Account       2) Monthly Report on Expenditure                                                                                          

Annual:       1) Finance Accounts           2) Appropriation Accounts                         3) Accounts at a Glance