Authorisation of Pension and gratuity by the Accountant-General, Punjab.–

  • On receipt of pension papers referred to in rule 9.6, the Accountant-General, Punjab shall apply the requisite checks, record the account enfacement in Form Pen.1 and assess the amount of pension and gratuity and issue the pension payment order not later than one month in advance of the date of retirement of the Government employee.
  • The amount of gratuity as determined by the Accountant-General, Punjab under sub-rule (1) shall be intimated to the Head of Office with the remarks that the amount of the gratuity may be drawn and disbursed by the Head of Office to the retired Government employee after adjusting the Government dues, if any, referred to in rule 9.16.
  • The amount of gratuity withheld under sub-rule (5) of rule 9.17 shall be adjusted by the Head of Office against the outstanding amount of licence fee intimated by the Accounts Officer Rents or other concerned officer of the Department of Public Works, Punjab and the balance, if any, shall be refunded to the retired Government employee.