Role and Responsibility of TIH Section

The main objective of creation of TIH section is inspection of District treasuries and sub treasuries including Director (Treasury & Accounts) of Punjab and Central Treasury UT Chandigarh andto ensure adequate coordination with the Treasury Inspection Parties and DTOs so that the work of treasury inspection could be carried out more efficiently and effectively. However detailed functions of the section are as below:

  • Composition of inspection team for annual Tour Plan for Treasury Inspection.
  • Preparation of the Dossier for treasury inspection.
  • Vetting and issuing the Inspection Report submitted by inspection party.
  • Vetting of reply of outstanding paras submitted by treasuries.
  • Reporting the status of I.Rs on regular intervals to the higher authorities.
  • Reporting the major issues found during the inspection to the higher authorities.
  • Preparation of annual review on the working of treasuries.