After bifurcation into Audit & Accounts offices w.e.f 1-3-84, this office is functioning as Accountant General (A&E) Punjab, Chandigarh.


  • The various wings of the office were shifted in newly constructed building.
  • Computerization of process of Authorisation of pension to the state Govt employees was started.


  • Recreation library was established consisting of various books on different subjects.
  • The work of treasury inspection started w.e.f. 1-4-1991 on allotment from the Headquarters’ office.


  • TCrèche “ANINDITA’’ inaugurated by Smt. Indira Somiah on 16th March,1994 to take care of small kids of working female staff members of this office


  • V.L.C system has been introduced in place of manual posting of Accounts and since then the office is sending the computerized Accounts to the state Govt.
  • This office organized zonal and interzonal tournaments in various sports fields such as Hockey, Cricket, and Volleyball Badminton etc. every year.


  • Position of Pension cases of State Govt retirees/employees made available on internet on Website of this office.
  • The branch offices at Nangal and Patiala were shifted to the main office.
  • The work of compilation of combined Finance & Revenue Accounts of states entrusted to this office on permanent basis by the Headquarters’.


  • System Automated Initiative (SAI) Pension Programme was commenced from 25.07.2011 in the pension wing of office of the Accountant General (A&E), Punjab, Chandigarh. The SAI Pension Programme has been implemented for the processing of Pension cases and revision cases of Punjab Govt. retirees and also for smooth functioning of Pension wing of this office. Pairing of vouchers of first time pension, gratuity and commutation are also being done in SAI pension programme.