The Government introduces from time to time several programmes of Socio-Economic Development which aim at increase in production, better utilization of various assets created in the past as also meeting the minimum social and economic requirements of the population, and in particular, of the weaker sections of the Society.

For achieving the above objectives huge funds are required for which the State Government has to borrow and lend funds to meet the purpose. The liabilities and assets of the Government are, therefore, exhibited in the Sector ‘E-Public Debt’ and ‘F-Loans and Advances’; the former indicating the sources from which the amounts are borrowed and the latter functions on which amounts have been lent.

INTERNAL DEBT AND CENTRAL LOANS :– Under ‘E-Public Debt’ loans received are exhibited under following Major Heads of Accounts:-

Major Head 6003 –Internal debt of the State Government.

  • Market loans bearing interest.
  • Market loans not bearing interest.
  • Loans from the Life Insurance Corporation of India.
  • Loans from the General Insurance Corporation of India.
  • Loans from the National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development.
  • Compensation and Other Bonds.
  • Loans from the State bank of India and Other Banks.
  • Loans from National Co-operative Development Corporation.
  • Loans from ‘Other Institutions such as HUDCO, REC etc.
  • Ways and Means Advances from the reserve Bank of India.
  • Special Securities issued to National Small Saving Fund

Major Head 6004-Loans and Advances from the Central Government.

  • Non Plan Loans
  • Loans for State/Union Territory Plan Schemes

INSTITUTIONAL LOANS: Government is lending money in the form of ‘Loans and advances and they are of following nature and fall under ‘F- Loans and Advances’.

  • Loans for other Social and Community Services: (MH 6202, 6210, 6215, 6216, 6217, 6235) - These include loans for Education, Medical; Public Health and Sanitation; Water Supply; Housing, Urban Developments; Social Security and Welfare.
  • Loans for Other General Economic Services: (MH 6425,7465, 7475) - These include Loans for Co-operatives, Loans to General Financial and Trading Institutions and Loans for Other General Economic Services.
  • Loans for Agriculture: (MH 6402 to 6406, 6408,6435,6515,6702) - These include loans for Agriculture, Minor Irrigation, Soil Conservation and Area Developments, Food, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development; Fisheries; Forests; Community Development etc.
  • Loans for Industry and Minerals: (MH 6851, 6860, 6885) - These include loans for Industrial Research and Development; Village and Small Industries; Consumer Industries, Industrial Finance Institutions.
  • Loans for Water and Power Development: (MH 6801) - This includes Power Projects.
  • Loans for Transport and Communications: (MH 7056, 7075, 7615) - These include loans for Road and Water transport Services, Other Transport Communication Services and for Miscellaneous Services.
  • The detailed Account of Advances under Major Head 7610 is being maintained by State Government.