Gazetted Entitlement

Accounts wing (TM) section is responsible for the issue of pay/leave salary slips to Constitutional and Statutory authorities such as Governor, High Court Judges, Chairman and Members of MP Public Service Commission, Commissions and Committees of Inquiry etc. Salary and Allowances of Ministers, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, MLAs are also authorised to Advocate General and Govt. advocates counselling at High Courts.

General Principles and Procedures for Authorisation of Pay and Allowances

The responsibility for the authorisation and check of pay and allowances rests with the Pr. Accountant General (A&E). Consequently the duty of maintaining the connected records, registers, leave accounts and issuing of pay, leave salary certificates etc. in respect of constitutional authorities will devolve on the Pr. Accountant General (A&E). New pay slips are issued on new appointment, appointment for limited period on fresh promotions. Revised pay slips are issued when increment is granted or wherever there is change in Dearness Allowance.

Mode of Payment

Payment of pay, leave salary and allowances of constitutional authorities is arranged by the Pr. Accountant General at the Treasuries. Pay slips issued to the concerned and copies of the same are endorsed to Treasury Officers/DDOs indicating the rates of pay, special pay (if any) allowances to be paid from specified dates. Delay in the receipt of pay slips can be avoided by providing orders of appointment from the competant authority duly signed in ink along with Last Pay Certificate (if required)/documents for verification of date of birth, letter of joining/taking over charge and or pension payment certificate of All India Service Officers (if re-appointed post requires).

Gazetted Entitlement:

GE functions are not dealt in this Office in respect of State Government Officers.