7. If the account is a negative balance then what is the provision of interest?
In case the account is negative, 2.5% additional interest will be applicable along with the current interest rate (as per Rule 15).
6. Can a person other than a member of the family be nominated for the general provident fund?
No, only family members as defined in General Provident Fund Rule 2c (i) (a) & (ii) can be nominated.
5. What is the maximum subscription rate?
No more than total emoluments.
4. What is the minimum subscription rate?
12 percent of the total emoluments (Rule 11).
3. Is contribution to general provident fund necessary?
Monthly subscription is required every month except the suspension period and four months before retirement. In case of half-monthly vacation, it is optional. Therefore, subscriptions can be made only on written consent. (Rule 10)
2. Who is eligible for subscription to the General Provident Fund?
Government employees of Chhattisgarh are competent to fix service conditions, except those Employees who are permanently or temporarily appointed / hired or on reappointment before January 1, 2005. (Rule 4)
1. Who maintains General Provident Fund accounts in Chhattisgarh?
The General Provident Fund Account of the officers / employees of the State of Chhattisgarh is maintained by the Office of the Accountant General (Accounts and Entitlement) in accordance with the provisions of the Madhya Pradesh General Provident Fund Rules 1955.