Audit Advisory Board


The Audit Advisory Board provides suggestions on matters relating to audit, including coverage, scope and prioritization of audits together with suggestions regarding audit approaches and techniques within the framework of the Constitution and statutory mandate of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India. The members of the Audit Advisory Board will function in an honorary capacity.

Comptroller & Auditor General of India is pleased to constitute the Eleventh Audit Advisory Board for a period of two years from 13-04-2023. The composition of the Eleventh Audit Advisory Board would be as under

Audit Advisory Board - Constitution


  • Shri Girish Chandra Murmu
    (Comptroller and Auditor General of India)

External Members

  • Shri Ashok Gulati, Agricultural Economist
  • Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Chairman and Executive Director, Narayana Health
  • Shri H. K. Dash, Retired IAS Officer
  • Shri Makarand R. Paranjape, Academician
  • Shri Manish Sabharwal, Chairman, Team Lease Services
  • Shri Maroof Raza, Retired Indian Army Officer
  • Shri Nitin Desai, Distinguished Fellow, TERI
  • Dr. Rajeev Lochan Bishnoi, Financial and Banking specialist
  • Dr. Ravindra H. Dholakia, Economist
  • Shri P K Srivastava, Central Vigilance Commissioner
  • Shri S.M. Vijayanand, Retired IAS Officer

Internal Members (Ex officio)

  • Ms. Parveen Mehta, Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (Human Resource, International Relations & Coordination)
  • Shri R G Viswanathan, Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (Commercial Cum Chairman Audit Board)
  • Shri Sarit Jafa, Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (Defence)
  • Ms. Adity Roy Choudhury, Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (Government Accounts) & Chairperson-GASAB
  • Ms. Madhumita Basu, Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (Reports Central)
  • Ms. Rebecca Mathai, Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (Finance & Communication)
  • Shri Ram Mohan Johri, Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (Central Revenue Audit)
  • Shri Subir Mallick, Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (Railways & Local Bodies)
  • Ms. Atreyee Das, Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (Report States - Northern Region)

Secretary to the Board

  • Ms. Swati Pandey, Principal Director (SMU, PPG, Co-ordination and Synchronization)