Audit Reports


Report of 2009 - Performance Audit on Civil & Commercial of Government of Goa

Date on which Report Tabled:
Thu 25 Mar, 2010
Date of sending the report to Government
Government Type
Sector Finance,Power & Energy,Art, Culture and Sports,Social Welfare


This Audit Report includes five chapters comprising five performance audit reviews and 21 transaction audit paragraphs relating to the State Government and its Companies and Corporations.

The audit has been conducted in accordance with the Auditing Standards prescribed for the Indian Audit and Accounts Department. Audit samples have been drawn based on statistical sampling methods as well as on judgement basis. The specific audit methodology adopted for audit of programmes and schemes has been mentioned in the reviews. The audit conclusions have been drawn and the recommendations made taking into consideration the views of the Government, wherever received.

A summary of the audit findings is given below.

There was a delay in submission of annual plans resulting in delayed release of funds by Government of India towards the fag end of the year and subsequent non-utilisation of the same within the financial year. Shortage of vehicles adversely affected the mobility of the force and weapons were issued to the police stations after delays of three years of receipt. The percentage of vacancies in the force ranged between five and 10 during 2004-09. Shortage of manpower and failure of a server hindered the operations of the Finger Print Bureau. The Police Communication Network and the Common Integrated Police Application project were not functioning for want of connectivity and maintenance support from a supplier. Failure of the Government to constitute a State Level Empowered

Committee resulted in poor monitoring and implementation of the scheme.

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