Compliance Performance

Report No.1 of 2018 - Economic Sector Government of Maharashtra

Date on which Report Tabled:
Wed 28 Mar, 2018
Date of sending the report to Government
Government Type
Sector Finance


This Report for the year ended March 2017 has been prepared for submission to the Governor of Maharashtra under Article 151(2) of the Constitution of India. The Report contains significant results of one performance audit on Gosikhurd National Irrigation Project and compliance audit of the Departments of the Government of Maharashtra under the Economic Sector.

The instances mentioned in this Report are those, which came to notice in the course of test audit for the period 2016-17 as well as those which came to notice in earlier years, but could not be reported in the previous Audit Reports; instances relating to the period subsequent to 2016-17 have also been included, wherever necessary.

The audit has been conducted in conformity with the Auditing Standards issued by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

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