Compliance Performance

Delhi Non PSU Report No 2 of 2016 - Social General Economic Sector

Date on which Report Tabled:
Mon 13 Jun, 2016
Date of sending the report to Government
Government Type
Sector Social Welfare,Social Infrastructure,General Sector Ministries and Constitutional Bodies


This Report on Social, General and Economic Sectors (Non-PSUs) contains four performance audits, involving ₹ 240.04 crore and 16 paragraphs involving ₹ 1,711.58 crore. The report on Procurement, Maintenance and Use of Medical Equipment in Government Hospitals states that there was inordinate delay of one month to over two years in installation of 66 equipment valuing ₹ 18.22 crore.  Six hospitals procured items and consumables of ₹ 3.16 crore in excess of actual requirement which were lying unused in stock for prolonged periods.  The Report highlights failure of the MCsD to create new parking facilities commensurate with increasing number of vehicles in the city during last five years.  The available parking sites lacked civic facilities viz. arrangements for drinking water, functional toilets, CCTV cameras, public address system, fire-fighting system and proper illumination.  The report includes that planning and preparedness for fire prevention undertaken and achieved by Delhi Fire Services (DFS) was not commensurate with the size and complexity of a megacity like Delhi.  DFS has 58 fire stations and 160 pumping units (20 per cent non-functional) against the requirement of 70 fire stations and 205 pumping units.  Available Communication equipment were inadequate and outdated hampering the performance of DFS.  DJB did not ensure availability of raw water before developing Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) and allied infrastructure for 150 Million of Gallons Per Day at Dwarka, Bawana and Okhla.
The list of beneficiaries prepared by Department of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs covered under National Food Security Act included ineligible and unverified persons.  Solar Water Heating Systems installed in Lok Nayak and GTB hospitals became dysfunctional within three years of functioning which resulted in unfruitful expenditure of ₹ 1.39 crore.  e - challan system in Delhi Traffic Police suffered from data inconsistencies, deficient input control and lack of data integrity.  Weak administrative control and deficiency in the system resulted in mismatch both in number and amount of compounded challans.  Delhi Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board failed to use the amount of labour cess collected for the welfare of construction workers which not only resulted in idling of cess funds of ₹ 1691 crore but also deprived the workers of intended benefits.  Failure of PWD to carry out a proper feasibility study before awarding the work of providing and installing escalators resulted in unfruitful expenditure of ₹ 95.15 lakh.  Also, injudicious decision of PWD to go for higher specification of paver blocks which was to be used for parking of vehicles, resulted in avoidable extra expenditure of ₹ 1.71 crore.  Remand Homes, Juvenile Homes and correctional Homes in Delhi lacked adequate infrastructure.  New building constructed at a cost of ₹ 2.81 crore could not be used as it was not conducive for juveniles.

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