Year No. of meetings held Reports discussed
2016-17 21 Audit Report (G&SSA), 2012-13
    Audit Report (civil), 2008-09
    Audit Report (LB), 2012-13
    Appropriation Accounts 2008-09: Ports and Transports, Industries and Mines
    Appropriation Accounts 2007-08: Revenue Department
    Appropriation Accounts 2009-10: Energy and Petrochemicals
2017-18 1 Audit Report (G&SSA), 2013-14
2018-19 18 Audit Report (Civil), 2007-08
    Audit Report (G&SSA), 2013-14
    Audit Report (LB), 2013-14
    Appropriation Accounts 2007-08: Women and Child Development Department, Water supply, Social Justice and Empowerment, Fisheries, Finance, Health & Family Welfare, Co-operation, Animal Husbandry,
    Appropriation Accounts 2013-14 Urban Development and Urban Housing, Rural Development, Education, Social Justice and Empowerment, Forest and Environment Department
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