The Audit Universe of total 2921 audited entities is being dealt with by AMG-I Wing, which comprises of 16 Apex Audit Entity (AAE), 538 Audit Units (AUs) and 2367 Implementing Units (IUs) as given below:

Sr. No. Group Department AAE AU IU Total
1 AMG-I Education 6 64 357 427
2 AMG-I Health & Family Welfare 3 159 217 379
3 AMG-I Labour & Employment 1 54 1006 1061
4 AMG-I Social Justice & Empowerment 1 113 546 660
5 AMG-I Sports, Youth & Culture Activities 1 112 121 234
6 AMG-I Tribal Development 1 34 120 155
7 AMG-I Women & Child Development 2 2   4
     Total 15 538 2367 2920

OAD-III Section

OAD - III Section is the nodal section for audit planning and audit programming so far as it relates to the AMG-I group. Accordingly, it performs the work of Audit Planning and prepares the Annual Audit Plan forAMG-I group and ensures its execution. It also prepares the tour programmes in respect of all the audit parties conducting the financial audits of Autonomous Bodies/PSUs, operated in AMG-I group.

OAD - III Section also deals with vetting, issuance and pursuance of IRs related to offices under state Government Departments of (i) Education, (ii) Health & Family Welfare, (iii) Women & Child Development, (iv) Tribal Development and (v) Labour Employment being audited under Section 13, 14 and 15 of C&AG’s (DPCS) Act, 1971.

Technical Support Cell (OAD IV) Section

Technical Support Cell (OAD-IV) Section deals with the followings:

  • Vetting and issuance of “Comments on Accounts” consequent upon Supplementary Audit of State Public Sector Undertakings under Section 19(1) of CAG (DPCS) Act,1971 of all the PSUs falls within Audit jurisdiction of this office
  • Vetting and issuance of Separate Audit Reports of all the State Autonomous Bodies consequent upon their financial audit under Sections 19(2), 19(3) and 20(1) of CAG (DPCS) Act, 1971 of all the SABs falls within Audit jurisdiction of this office
  • Vetting, issuance and pursuance of IRs relating to units under Social Justice and Empowerment Department and Youth, Sports and Culture Activities Department (Except Cultural Activities)
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