The Audit Universe of total 626 audited entities is being dealt with by AMG-III Wing, which comprises of 10 Apex Audit Entity (AAE), 542 Audit Units (AUs) and 74 Implementing Units (IUs) as given below:

Sr. No. Group Department AAEs AUs IUs Total
1 AMG-III Agriculture & Co-operative 7 247   254
2 AMG-III Food and Civil Supply 1 5 74 80
3 AMG-III Narmada, Water Resources & Kalpsar 1 199   200
4 AMG-III SSNNL 1 91   92
    Total 10 542 74 626

Audit Management Group-III section

Audit Management Group-III section deals with Audit Planning and Audit Programming in respect of audits units dealt with by the AMG-III group, and also deals with the vetting, issuance and pursuance of Inspection Reports  relating to offices the group. The audit is being conducted under different Sections of C&AG’s (DPCS) Act, 1971.

The audit of the substantially financed autonomous bodies under jurisdiction of AMG-III group GS Wing is carried out under Section 14 based on receipt of advice for taking up such an audit from ECPA Section, Rajkot.

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