1. Inter se seniority of directly recruited Divisional Accountants
  2. Divisional Accountant Grade Examination-July 2020
  3. Choice of station for Annual Transfer/Posting 2020 of Divisional Accountant Cadre
  4. Expenditure figure booked for the Public Work Divisions 2019-20
  5. Application for SAS/RA/CPD-I&II/I.E. Supplementary Exam
  6. Result of Divisional Accountants Grade Examination July 2020
  7. Cancellation of Circular No.01 dated 07/08/2020, Circular No.02 dated 10/08/2020 Circular No.04 dated 12/10/2020
  8. Classification of Divisions for AGT-2020
  9. List of Vacant Divisions/Divisions Likely to be vacant
  10. Annual General Transfer of Divisional Accounts Officer and Divisional Accountants for the year 2020(Request Form)
  11. Criteria for entrustment of the additional charge of vacant divisions for 2020-21
  12. Special Cash Package equivalent in lieu of Leave Travel Concession fare for Central Govt. Employees during the block year 2018-2021
  13. Voluntary Retirement of SR. DAO 
  14. Inter-se Seniority of directly recruited Divisional Accountants
  15. Promotion Order of Divisional Accountants as Divisional Accounts Officer-II
  16. Choice of station for Annual Transfer/Posting 202l of Divisional Accountant Cadre
  17. Examination -I Circular.
  18. Central Civil Services ( Implementation of National Pension System) Rules,2021.- seeking options
  19. Regarding the Date of Next Increment related to DAs/DAOs.
  20. Circular Regarding Generation of Official E-Mail ID in respect of Divisional Accountants Cadre.
  21. Instructions to be followed by divisions while remitting NPS amount in respect of DA Cadre.
  22. Circular calling for willingness to Project Implementation Unit, Gandhinagar
  23. Circular calling for willingness to Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board.
  24. Circular No. WM-I/15 dated 04-01-2022 regarding Payment of Ex-Gratia lump sum compensation.
  25. Circular No WM-I/15 dated 05-01-2022 regarding Annual Property Return.
  26. Expenditure figure booked by all Public Works Divisions 2020-21
  27. Training and Exam of CPD 2022