What is the process for intimation of Final Payment authorisation to GPF Subscriber?
Intimation about authorisation of Final Payment is sent to the GPF Subscriber through SMS and Post.
What will happen if my GPF authority is lost at any stage or at any level after despatched from O/o the Accountant General (A&E), Gujarat?
GPF Subscriber may take up the matter of Final Payment Authority with concerned Drawing and Disbursing Officer. On request from DDO and receipt of Non-Payment Certificate from the concerned Treasury Office, this office will issue duplicate final payment authority
In what way the subscriber is responsible for any excess/short in the accounts maintained by the Office of the Accountant General (A&E)?
For accounting, creeping of errors can not be ruled out. It is duty of the GPF subscriber under Gujarat General Provident Fund Rules to point out any excess/short credit found in the account statement within three months from the date of receipt.
Up to which date the interest is allowed in final payment cases?
If the subscriber applies for final payment within the prescribed time limit of three years and Final Payment Authority is signed before the 15th of the month, the interest is allowed till the month preceding the date of signing the authority by the Accounts Officer of the Accountant General (A&E) Office. If the Final Payment Authority is signed after 15th of the month, the interest is allowed till the last of the month.
Part-Final Withdrawal or Non Refundable Advance from the General Provident Fund Account can be sanctioned by Office of the Accountant General?
No, except accounting of GPF Credit/Debit and authorisation of final payment after retirement, Part-Final Withdrawal or Non Refundable Advance from the General Provident Fund Account can be sanctioned by the Drawing and Disbursing Officer.
What is to be done if I notice some missing credits in my GPF account?
GPF Subscriber can represent the case through the Drawing & Disbursing Officer giving full information about the missing credit such as month of credit, name of the Treasury, Treasury Voucher number, and duplicate copy of the bill along with schedule to enable this office to locate and adjust the missing credit.
How is the calculation of interest carried out?
Interest is calculated from the succeeding month of subscription and is added to the GPF Account at the end of Financial Year.
What is the rate of interest on GPF subscriptions?
For calculation of GPF interest, Government of Gujarat adopts the interest rate announced from time to time by the Government of India. The present rate of interest is 7.1 % from 04/2020 to 06/2020.
Can I change my Mobile number, which is already registered for getting GPF e-statement and SMS?
Yes, GPF Subscriber can change mobile number by forwarding application through DDO to O/o the Accountant General (A&E), Gujarat
What is the process for recovering of my password, if my account is blocked due to incorrect password?
Subscriber may avail the forgot password facility available on the website http://egpf.cag.gov.in/.
What can I do if my date of birth is not available/wrong name in the GPF database of O/o the Accountant General (A&E), Gujarat?
The GPF Subscriber can forward written application along with necessary documentary evidence like copy of first page of Service Book for validation of the date of birth/correct name to Office of the Accountant General (A&E) Gujarat through their DDO.
How can I know the status of balance in my GPF account?
This office has launched GPF e-statement and push SMS service for all the GPF Subscribers of Government of Gujarat. The GPF Annual Statement for 2004-05 onwards can be viewed/downloaded/printed on http://egpf.cag.gov.in for registered GPF Subscribers. GPF Subscriber can register on the portal by providing details of GPF Account Number, Birth Date and Mobile Number. Monthly updates for GPF Subscription or Withdrawal sent through SMS by this office. The status of GPF Account balance can be checked from the office website i.e. http://agguj.cag.gov.in/gpf_status_new.aspx.