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1 Subordinate Audit/Accounts Service (SAS) Examination -2 of 2022–determination of relaxed standards for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Candidates 19-Oct-2022 PDF(318.97 KB)
2 Revised Syllabus of Subordinate Audit/Accounts Service (SAS) Examination 27-Oct-2022 PDF(572.87 KB)
3 Date Sheet of Examination-2 of SAS/RA/I/CPD-I, II & III Examinations 2022 24-Nov-2022 PDF(244.21 KB)
4 Change of cut-off date of eligibility for Examination-2 of 2022 as a special case for this examination 24-Nov-2022 PDF(256.73 KB)
5 Circular regarding "Modified Assessment System" for conducting PC-4/IE-4 (IT Practical) paper 28-Nov-2022 PDF(652.52 KB)
6 End of training examination of Sr. Auditors/Sr. Accountants for promotion as Assistant Supervisors 2022 28-Nov-2022 PDF(345.31 KB)
7 Admit Card for Examination-2 of SAS/RA/I/CPD-I, II & III Examinations 2022 03-Dec-2022 PDF(14.85 KB)
8 Recognition of Revenue Audit Exam (RAE) for Sr. AOs/AAOs as a recognised Accountancy Exam for appearing as Authorised Representatives in Income Tax cases - Online Generation of 'Certificate' for RAE passed candidates by outsourced agency 20-Dec-2022 PDF(738.07 KB)
9 SAS/RA/I/CPD-I, II & III Examination-1 of 2023 03-Feb-2023 PDF(40.57 KB)
10 Result of SAS/RA/I/CPD-I, II & III Examination-2 of 2022, held in December 2022 27-Feb-2023 PDF(13.53 KB)