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Welfare Activities towards the Officers and Staff Members of all the three Audit Offices and any other work entrusted by the Welfare Officer are carried out by 

SHRI SB.Sri Narayananan, Welfare Assistant of O/o PAG (Audit-I), Tamil Nadu and

SHRI C S Paulraj, Welfare Assistant of O/o AG (Audit-II), Tamil Nadu & Puducherry and O/o PDA (Central)


Duties and Regulations of Welfare Officer
(under Chapter 38 of Manual of Establishment and Administration of Central Government Offices)


  • The welfare Officer meets the members of the family of the deceased Government Servant and to advise and assist them in applying for appointment on compassionate grounds in a humanity manner so that the application can be processed speedily.
  • The Welfare Officer will have a Standing Advisory Committee consisting of three persons who will be assigned specific areas with regard to the Welfare activities such as Sports, Canteen, Cultural activities etc.
  • It will be the duty of the Welfare Officer to keep a track of the complaints / grievances brought to his notice and ensure, with the active help of members of the Advisory Committee, early and satisfactory redressal of the same.
  • The Welfare Officer is expected to provide a human touch in the official environment which in itself gives that psychological satisfaction which promotes the efficiency of the employees.
  • He associates with the activities of the Staff Council.  He should attend the meetings of the Staff Council.  It will help him in dealing with the problems and matters connected with the Welfare of the Staff.
  • Organizing social activities by way of establishment of clubs and recreational centres, for members of the staff, including Class IV employees.  Similar activities may be organized in areas predominantly inhabited by Government employees for them and their families.
  • Provisions of facilities for indoor and outdoor sports for members of the staff – setting up of Recreation Clubs.
  • Provision of Canteens in the Office premises and also improvement in the actual working conditions of the staff including improvement of hygienic condition at the working premises.
  • Assistance to Government employees, Pensioners and Family Pensioners in relation to Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), Pension Papers, Gratuity, Benevolent Fund etc.,
  • A separate Notice Board exclusively for disseminating information relating to Welfare activities should be installed.  This Notice Board will be called as “Welfare Notice Board”.  This Board will contain names of the Welfare Officer and the members of the Advisory Committee and other information relating to Welfare activities.
  • NODAL OFFICER for extending assistance for expeditious settlement of entitlements to the family of deceased officials.

            The above list is illustrative and is not intended to lay down any rigid priorities, if more can be done within the resources available, so much the better.

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