AMG-III is entrusted with the audit (Under the provisions of CAG DPC Act 1971) of below mentioned clusters and departments thereunder:



Civil Departments

Law and Order

Home Affairs and Justice


Transport, Civil Aviation

Public Works

Public Works, Water Supply and Sanitation

Water Resources

Irrigation, Mining, Soil Conservation


Besides, certification of expenditure of World Bank Assisted Projects, if any, in the above departments is also conducted.

Management of work of AMG-III

The work of AMG-III section is being managed through Headquarter, Vetting and DP Sections. Headquarter Section look after the work related to management of staff working in the Group and preparation and execution of Annual Audit Plan. Vetting sections (A, B & C) receive the Inspection Reports (IRs) of their respective departments from the field audit parties and issue Inspection Reports to the auditee units after vetting of IRs.

Significant audit findings are dealt by the DP section for further pursuance for Audit Report.

Organization Chart

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