Audit Management Group (AMG)-I is composed of six sections (i) Headquarters, (ii) Draft Paragraph Cell, (iii) Vetting Non-Tax-I, (iv) Vetting Non-Tax-II (v) Vetting Tax and (vi) RAO, PSPCL, Patiala. Each of these sections are headed by one Assistant Audit Officer. Further, these sections are under the supervision of the four Senior Audit Officers. The group is under the overall control of one Senior Deputy Accountant General/Deputy Accountant General, who is responsible for coordinating the activities of various sections of the group.


Sections & Functions

The work allocation among the various sections is as follows:

1. Headquarters: - It is the controlling section which deals with all the work pertaining to Headquarters i.e., preparation and execution of Audit Planning, Tour Programmes, maintenance/processing of returns/reports, databank, News Cuttings & Complaint Cases along with coordination with various AMGs/sections of the office etc.

2. Vetting Sections (Vetting Non-Tax-I, Vetting Non-Tax-II, Vetting Tax & RAO, PSPCL, Patiala): - Vetting Sections are entrusted with the work regarding vetting of Inspection Reports with respect to financial rules, regulations, Government instructions etc. Thereafter, the Inspection Reports after getting approval from the Group Officer, are forwarded to the concerned departments.

3. Draft Paragraph Cell: Processes the serious irregularities noticed during the audit for developing as draft Para for inclusion in the Audit Report.  Initially Vetting of Performance Audit/Thematic Audit/Subject Mattes/LDP and comments on the detailed note received from the PAC.

 Each of the abovementioned sections is headed by an Assistant Audit Officer and supervised by a Senior Audit Officer.


Auditee Units

The brief in respect of audit universe of AMG-I is as follows:




Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation & Disaster Management:

A. Stamp Duty & Registration Fee

B. Land Revenue

Department of Taxation

Department of Excise

Department of Planning

Department of Finance

Environment, Science and Technology

Department of Forest and Wildlife Preservation

Department of Science, Technology and Environment

Power & Energy

Department of Power & Energy


Audit of three clusters i.e., Finance, Environment, Science & Technology and Power & Energy falls under the jurisdiction of AMG-I. Further, there are total 08 no. of departments under the abovementioned clusters and these 08 departments consist of more than 2500 audit units (including implementing units).

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