Report No. 3 of the year 2021 - Audit Report on Revenue Sector for the year ended 31 March 2020, Government of Punjab.

Date on which Report Tabled:
Wed 29 Jun, 2022
Date of sending the report to Government:
Tue 02 Nov, 2021
Government Type:
Sector Taxes and Duties


This Audit Report comprises five chapters incorporating 13 paragraphs. Chapter-I contains overview of Revenue collection in the State, Chapter-II contains audit observations relating to Taxes on Sales and Trade and Goods and Services Tax, Chapter-III contains audit observation relating to State Excise, Chapter-IV contains audit observations relating to stamp duty and registration fee which includes one Subject Specific Compliance Audit Paragraph on “Remissions from payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee”, Chapter-V contains audit observation relating to Taxes on vehicles. Total revenue implication of the Report is ₹ 333.96 crore.

The total receipts of the State Government for the year 2019-20 were ₹ 61,574.75 crore. The Government raised ₹ 36,648.87 crore comprising tax revenue of ₹ 29,994.79 crore and non-tax revenue of ₹ 6,654.08 crore. The State Government received ₹ 10,345.85 crore as State’s share of divisible Union taxes and ₹ 14,580.03 crore as Grants-in-aid from the Government of India.  

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