• Quarterly/Yearly progress  report is submitted to the Department of Official Language, and Headquarters at the end of every quarter and year.
  • A full day Hindi workshop is organized every quarter.
  • At the end of each quarter, a meeting of Official Language Implementation Committee is held under the Chairmanship of Accountant General.
  • In the month of September, Hindi Week ceremony is organized which includes various Hindi activities.
  • Hindi magazine “Mitaan” is published every year.
  • Under Hindi Shikshan Yojana  , eligible officials are nominated for Hindi language training i.e. Prabodh /Praveen /Pragya  and Parangat level training conducted by Central Hindi Training Institute and other  training institutions.
  • Under Hindi Shikshan Yojana, Stenographers, Clerks and DEOs are nominated for Hindi Stenography /Typing conducted by Central Hindi Training Institute or other  training institutions.
  • Officials are encouraged to work in Hindi by various means.
  • Instructions issued by the Department of Official Language /Headquarter are followed.
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