Where are the other Regional Training Institutes of IA&AD situated?
Other RTIs are situated at : Allahabad, Jammu, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Nagpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ranchi and Shillong
Are courses not approved by RAC conducted by RTI, Chennai?
Additional courses desired by Headquarters and user offices are also conducted by this Institute. However, these courses are submitted for approval by RAC in the ensuing meeting.
What is RAC?
It is “Regional Advisory Committee” which comprises the member representatives from all the user offices as well as our Headquarters training wing. This committee meets twice in a year, generally in months of February/March and September /October. The RAC finalizes the “Annual Training Calendar” for the RTI based on the training need analysis specified by the user Offices. The also review the working of the this Training Institute during the meetings.
How is one working in IA&AD, nominated for training at RTI, Chennai?
Nomination is made by user offices for the courses approved by RAC.
What are the training programmes conducted at RTI, Chennai?
This Institute conducts General and EDP courses. This Institute also holds seminars / on various topics. General Courses on Goods and Service Tax(GST), Civil and Commercial Audit, Finance and Appropriation Accounts and Management Development Aptitude, Right to Information Act etc. are conducted, In EDP, courses on Data Analytics, Audit in IS Environment, Oracle-SQL Queries, IS Security Management System, IS Audit (Basic), IS Audit (Advanced), IDEA and using MS Excel and MS Access as IS Audit Tool are conducted.
Can an Officer(s)/Official(s) not working in IAAD be trained at RTI Chennai ?
No, this Institute provides training to personnel working under Indian Audit and Accounts Department only.
Which are user offices of RTI, Chennai?
Offices located in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and also the Branch offices of Civil and Commercial Audit of other States located at Chennai are the user offices of Regional Training Institute, Chennai. There 15 user offices attached to this Institute.
Who are trained at Regional Training Institute (RTI), Chennai?
Regional Training Institute, Chennai caters to the training needs of all the Indian Audit and Accounts Department (IA&AD) offices located in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and also the Branch offices of Civil and Commercial Audit of other States located at Chennai.
When did this RTI, Chennai come into existence?
Regional Training Institute, Chennai, was established in the year 1979 and is functioning smoothly for the last 40 years
Who are we?
Regional Training Institute(RTI), Chennai is one of the nine Regional Training Institutes of Indian Audit and Accounts Department (IA&AD).