IT audit

Indian Railways pioneered computerisation since 1960, beginning with IBM 1401s, a second generation computer. The systems were upgraded from time to time and computer systems have become an integral part of Railways soon. The working environment changed drastically with the introduction of IT applications and also enhanced the facilities to the Rail users. CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems), an organisation with a unique combination of Information Technology(IT) professionals and Railway personnel under the Ministry of Railways, deliver and maintain complex Railway IT systems. This includes Passenger Reservation Systems (PRS), Freight Operations Information System(FOIS), Integrated Payroll and Accounting Systems (IPAS), Crew Management System(CMS), Integrated Coaching Management System (ICMS),Accounting Information Management System(AIMS) Indian Railway E Procurement System(IREPS), Material Management Information System(MMIS) to name a few.  IT Audit, basically,  is the examination and evaluation of IT infrastructure, IT applications, database and user management, implementation of policies  and procedures, rules and regulations relating to the organisation.

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