Report No. 24 Part 1 of 2015 - Compliance Audit on Union Government, Railways

Date on which Report Tabled:
Tue 08 Dec, 2015
Date of sending the report to Government
Government Type
Union Department


This Audit Report contains the audit findings of significant nature detected during audit in Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) of the Union Government and its field offices for the year ended 31 March 2014. The Audit Report is divided into two volumes viz., Volume I and Volume II. Volume I of the Report comprises five chapters containing audit findings related to three departments viz., Traffic – Commercial and Operation; Electrical – Signalling and Telecommunication units; Mechanical – Zonal Headquarters/ Workshops/ Production Units, and Public Sector Undertakings of Indian Railways including the chapter on 'Introduction. Volume II of the Report contains audit findings related to Engineering department of Indian Railways.

Chapter 1, Volume I of the Audit Report gives a brief introduction of the audited entities; recoveries made by Ministry/ Department at the instance of udit; remedial actions taken in response to audit observations made in earlier Reports; summarized position of Action Taken Notes. Chapters 2 to 5 present detailed findings/observations under the relevant department title.

Some of the important findings included in the Volume I are given below:

Para 2.1 - Review on 'Management of Private Sidings in Indian Railways'

Sidings are constructed to eliminate handling of goods at the stations as well as local haulage between the place of production/ consumption and Railway station. As on 31-03-2014, out of the total number of 1211 sidings, 835 are private sidings and the remaining are assisted sidings, departmental sidings and defence sidings. A detailed study of the 293 private sidings out of 835 in the Indian Railways has been conducted in audit.

Audit observed that the proposals of the private parties for setting up sidings were approved with delays subsequently leading to delays in construction and commissioning of new sidings. In respect of 25 sidings (out of 55), the delays in approval ranged between 45 days and 1500 days over and above the prescribed time limit of 120 days. Delays in approval led to delays in construction of private sidings resulting in loss of revenue to the Railways as the traffic projected by the parties intending to set up sidings could not be tapped by Railways.

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