The Port folio of Administration includes
1 Administrative Functions
2 Claims Functions
3 Office Management
4 Hindi Cell 
5 Legal Cell  
6 Training & Budget
8 Reports IA – PAC & COPU
  Administrative Functions:
1 This Section is responsible for overall administration of the office including cadre controlling functions in respect of three offices.   
2 Recruitment and Resignation.
3 Confirmation of various cadres.
4 Promotion and DPC Matters
5 Consideration and grant of MACP.
6 Compassionate Appointment.
7 Mutual Transfer
8 Deputation
9 Association matters.
10 Transfer/Postings.
11 Report/Returns to Headquarter Office. Preparation of Gradation List.
12 Monitoring of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports in respect of all cadres and custodian of  Annual Performance Appraisal Reports of Group “C” officials
13 Service Review of Gr. A (except IA & AS)/B/C officers/officials under FR-56-J/Rule 48 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972.
14 Grant of Special C.L. to the Staff of this office on account of natural calamities/ Bandhs/Rail Roko/Raasta Roko etc.
15 Grant of Cash Awards & Merit Certificates to the staff of this office.
16 Sending of other reports/returns to Headquarters Office. Works relating to Election duty.
17 Confirmatory Examination, Incentive Examination, Typing Test for Clerk/Typists and Dept. Exam for 12th passed MTS for promotion as Clerk 
  Claims Functions
1 Claims Section mainly deals with pay and allowances and other personal claims of employees of this office viz.
2 Domestic Travel Expenses including transfer travelling allowances,
3 Leave Travel Concession, Encashment of Leave for availing LTC
4 GPF advances/withdrawals/ final payment, Disbursal of Annual GPF statement of employees of this office,
5 Children Education Allowances, 
6 Honorarium / Cash Award,
7 Computer Advance, House Building Advance
8 Reimbursement of medical claims,  Issuance and cancellation of CGHS Identity cards and addition / deletion of name(s) of family members, change of dispensary etc., Enrolment of beneficiaries under CGHS as per revised jurisdiction of
9 Preparation of Form 16, Deduction of Income Tax and uploading of TDS Quarterly Return to NSDL,
10 Booking of expenditure in BEMS and requesting fund from Head Quarters through BEMS,
11 Generating Bills in iBEMS and PFMS portals,  Preparation of Budget Estimates and Revise Estimates,
12 Cash Section is also attached with Claims.
13 Regular maintenance of Service Book, Personal File and Leave Account.
14 Pay fixation in cases of promotion/reversion under FR 22(I).
15 Allowing annual increment in the month of January or July, as the case may be, in pursuance of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016.
16 Finalisation of pay anomaly cases. Arrear calculation and payment thereof,
17 Grant of Advance Increments for passing various examinations.
18 Grant of Special Allowance/ Qualification Pay/Personal Pay etc.
19 Retirement Leave Salary,
20 Verification of Qualification Service after 18 years of service and 5 years before retirement and Annual Service Verification of eligible employees.
21 Preparation of Retirement List who are due to retire on Superannuation during the next 12 to 15 months.
  Office Management
1 Procurement and supply of stationery items. 
2 Making payment of suppliers’ bills, Telephone bills, Electricity bills, Petrol bills, Newspaper bills.
3 Procurement and maintenance of Staff Car.
4 Purchase and repair of Furniture.
5 Hiring of inspection vehicle & additional vehicles
6 Handling of petty cash.
7 Dispatch of letters, receiving of letters from outside and hand over to respective Sections.
8 Operational continuity plan for Disaster Management.
9 Maintenance of EPABX System.
10 Preparation of Monthly Rosters of MTS for Watch & Ward duties in Office premises.
11 Procurement and supply of Annual Items.
12 Purchase & issuance of stamp, name plate, notice board and identity card to the staff of this  office.
13 Upkeep & maintenance of fire extinguishers.
14 Disposal of waste papers, old furniture, old blank printer cartridges & unserviceable machines.
15 Purchase & maintenance of AC machine, photocopies machine, FAX machine and water purifying machine etc.
16 Purchase & issue of books & magazine.
17 Reimbursement of newspaper &  briefcase.
18 Purchase & distribution of computer, cartridges, pen drive & CD/DVD.
19 Engagement & monitoring of Housekeeping staff in cleaning and sanitization work.
20  Pest Control in office premises.  Payments of all contingent expenditure of this office,
  Hindi Cell
1 To organize Hindi Typing/Stenography/Language training/workshops for staff to motivate/promote them to do their Official work in Hindi.
2 Administrative translation- Translation of Forms/Standard drafts,letters and Procedural materials.
3 Works regarding compliance of Official Language Policy and Rules.
4 Compliance of Annual Programme and Check Points regarding Official Language.
5 Organizing quarterly meetings of Official Language Committee of the Institute.
6 Collection and submission of quarterly, half yearly and annual reports regarding use of Official Language Hindi.
7 Organizing of Hindi Workshops for the staff.
8 Organizing of Hindi Weeks/Fortnights/Months.
9 Organizing competition of research paper writing in Hindi.
10 To encourage for increasing correspondence in Hindi in the Institute.
11 To assist in Hindi publication
12 To encourage Noting and Drafting in Hindi.
13 To encourage for entry in Hindi in registers as well as Service Books.
14 Compliance of Incentive Schemes for doing work in Hindi, in the form of cash prize.
15 “Aaj Ka Shabda”- a English word with its similar word in Hindi on every working day displays on the board.
16 Other works related to progressive use of Official Language- preparing in bilingual of rubber stamps, letter heads and sign-boards of the Institute.
17 Arranges Hindi Pragya and Prabodh classes for Non- Hindi speaking staff
  Training & Budget
1 The functions of Training and Budget Section  includes -
2 Imparting Departmental Trainings including non-EDP Trainings
3 Conducting various Departmental Examinations viz SAS Preliminary Examination, Auditor
4 Accomplishing Training Needs Analysis for finalization of In-House (EDP and Non- EDP) Training.
5 Preparing Draft Calendar of Training Programmes for RTI, Chennai and processing cases for training in other RTI’s.
6 Preparation of Budget Expenditure for each Financial Year.
7 To impart In-House EDP Training courses as per approved Calendar of In-House Training Programme (COTP).
8 To nominate candidates for undergoing training on various IT courses conducted by RTI, Kolkata as per COTP.
9 To conduct In-House Test on the e-learning module on “Introduction to IT Audit”.
10 To facilitate and impart In-House Training of IT Courses as per approved Calendar of Training Programme.
  Legal Cell
1 Disciplinary cases (including Suspension cases),
2 Vigilance cases,
3 CAT, SAT and Court cases (High Court and other Courts),
4 Works related to RTI Act, 2005.
5 Redressal of complaints received by the office,
6 Processing of applications regarding Permission/Intimation for acquisition/disposal of immovable and movable property in terms of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964.
7 Constitution of the Internal Complaints Committee, under section 4 of The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 for prevention of sexual harassment of working women of this office and timely redressal of any complaints of such nature as and when received in this office. The section is also in charge of forwarding return on cases of sexual harassment to Headquarters Office.
1 EDP Section is mandated and entrusted to do the following task:
2 To implement various IT Plans & Policies of the C&AG Office including networking policies.
3 To provide specialist IT Support to various IT Applications running in the office.
4 To maintain Hardware Inventory of all IT Assets belonging to this office.
5 To procure new systems hardware or new components for existing systems as per requirements and in accordance of Hqrs. Guidelines.
6 To maintain database relating to various IT course conducted both in RTI and In-House.
7 Finalisation of tenders for Annual Maintenance Contract of Hardware & Peripherals.
8 Maintenance and upkeep of hardware (basic trouble shooting)
9 Hardware Fault Monitoring.
10 To develop in-house database/application as per requirements and if required and feasible.
11 To facilitate creation of official Email-ids of employees of this office.
12 Maintenance and upkeep of Official Website.
13 Taking backup of all data from servers and preserve it.
14 Support for backend editing and corrections for web based applications developed inhouse
15 Maintenance of Biometric Attendance system
16 Arrangements and organizing Video conferences and other important conferences
17 All support and services related to Information Technology in this office
18 Providing assistance in implementation / execution of OIOS and e-Office in this office. 
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