• Senior Deputy Accountant General (Admn)
  • Welfare Office
  • Secretary to the Principal Accountant General
  • Senior Audit Officer (Admn-I)

Purpose of the Committee

The Committee will ensure installation of proper emergency management system for the office covering:

  • Installation of suitable warning and security system.
  • Maintenance of uninterrupted communication.
  • Create awareness among the staff about DMP (Disaster Management  Plan) , preparedness, DOs & DONT's during emergencies and relief measures.
  • Publishing contact addresses and telephone numbers of responsible authorities namely Fire Department, Police,District Collector/ Commissioner,Meteorological Dept., Hospitals etc.
  • Conduct periodical inspections or safety audits to check the readiness of EMS (Emergency Management System).
  • Conducting mock exercise to ensure automatic activation of EMS in case of emergency.
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