Consequent upon restructuring of Audit arrangements (AMG wise) within O/o the PAG (Audit-I) WB, audit jurisdiction of all the auditee units under two (02) Departments (viz., Finance & Planning, Statistics & Programme Implementation) falling under Finance Cluster has been vested with AMG-IV. Apart from field audit, AMG-IV under the administrative control of DAG (AMG-IV) comprises of following three sections.


Responsibilities in brief

AMG-IV/ Coordination, Expenditure Audit & Accounts

  • Control and co-ordination among the sections and the field audit parties of AMG-IV as well as maintenance of coordination with HQ and other AMGs of this office coupled with state offices and other offices also.
  • Main coordinating section of AMG-IV wing relating to all the establishment matters like issues of Leave & TA and other staff related matters including transfer and posting, etc.
  • Vetting, Maintenance and Follow up of Inspection Reports of units audited under Section 13 of C & AG’s (DPC) Act, 1971 and Separate Audit Reports (SAR)& C & AG’s Comments on Government Companies etc
  • Issue of All Inspection Reports relating to AMG-IV

AMG-II/ Receipt Audit

  • Vetting, Maintenance and Follow up of Inspection Reports of units audited Section 16 of C & AG’s (DPC) Act, 1971,

AMG-II/ Report

  • Identification/ Planning for Performance Audits/ Audit of Outcomes, processing and development of Compliance Audit Paragraphs, Synoptic paragraphs and all other works related to Audit Reports as applicable within the ambit of AMG-IV.


Audit Universe of AMG-IV (Detailed Information enclosed)

Apex Auditable Entities

Audit Units

Implementing Units


Govt. Companies


Grand Total








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