(General administration of the Wing)


1. Control and co-ordination among the sections and the field parties.

2. Keeping up to date list of offices/ non-commercial autonomous bodies/ Government Corporation/ institutions to be inspected by the AMG-I wing and frequency of audit.

3. Preparation of Budget estimates and assessment of Staff requirement of AMG-I wing.

4. Preparation, updation and maintenance of Electronic data base of auditee units.

5.  Preparation of Annual Audit Plan of this wing, Set Target of the year and submission of Report/ Returns of achievement thereof.

6. Preparation of quarterly audit programme for the Inspection parties and Supervising Officers and submission to the Group Officer for approval;

7. Issue of intimation of the date of audit to the auditee offices.

8. Transfer, posting of staff and other matter relating to staff of the wing.

9. Maintenance of files for important Rules and Orders.

10. Issue and distribution of codes, manuals, Sectional/branch orders, office orders, circulars and other instruction to the field parties and maintenance of files of the office order/circulars etc.

11. Important points/orders for local investigation and supply to the Inspecting Officers.

12. Grant of Travelling Allowance (TA) Advance and checking of the TA advance / TA advance adjustment bills of the staff.

13. Examination of the weekly diaries of the field parties.

14. Sanction/watching of leave of the staff of AMG-I wing;

15. Preparation and compilation of periodical reports and submission of the same to the appropriate authority.

16. Propose relevant topics for EDP/Non EDP (RTI and In-House) Training along with No. of slots for attendees and subsequent nomination of resources for the selected training.

17. Attending the complaint cases and DI objections;

18. Acceptance of summons and production of official documents to court of law.

19. All other Miscellaneous and Policy matters.

20. Receipt of letter/Fax/Telegram etc. and their disposal at Head quarters Sections.

21. Preparation of Monthly cut list and submission to Administration Section.

22. Submission of reports/returns/information or materials to any other section/wing or offices as and when called for.

23. Supply of information under “The Right to Information Act, 2005”.



AMG-I (Report)

  1. Identification/ Planning for Performance Audits/ Audit of Outcomes in line with the Strategic Audit Plan/ instructions of HQs’ offices, etc
  1. Selection of potential paragraphs from the IRs and record in the Potential Draft Para Register.
  1. Processing and preparation of Draft Paragraphs, and Synoptic Draft paragraphs.
  1. Offering comment on departmental replies to Draft Paragraphs/Synoptic paragraphs.
  1. Attending Head Quarters’ annotation/queries on the Draft Paragraphs, Synoptic paragraphs.
  1. Issue of requisition and reminders for submission of Store and stock accounts and Proforma account to the respective offices.
  1. Submission of reports regarding serious delays in preparation or non-preparation of proforma accounts.
  1. Correspondence with the Auditee Unit/Departmental Head.
  1. Receipt of letters/Fax/Telegram etc. and their disposal.
  1. Any other works as and when necessary.
  1. Vetting of the Action Taken notes.
  1. Submission of report/return.
  1. All works related to report as applicable within the ambit of AMG- I




AMG-I/IR/Accounts (Including Vetting Cell)


  1. To receive and vet DIRs and also submit the vetted DIR to the Group Officer (AMG-I) for approval and attend the comments.
  1. Follow-up action of IRs.
  1. Review of Broad sheet replies on IRs from the auditee unit.
  1. Coordinate and participation in Audit committee Meetings.
  1. Typing of vetted and approved IR. Comparing and issue of typed/computerized copies of the IR
  1. Issue of Old IR to the field parties.
  1. To watch the movement of the IRs.
  1. Issue of reminders to the Auditee Unit / Department for Broad sheet replies on IRs.
  1. Preparation of Synoptic Para for audit report.
  1. To watch the important paragraphs of the IRs through audit note book.
  1. Receipt of letter/Fax message/Telegram etc. and disposal.
  1. Submission of report/return.
  1. Review of outstanding paragraphs of previous IRs.
  1. Maintenance of Objection Book.
  1. Maintenance of Adjustment Register.
  1. Issue of Audit Certificate on the Statement of expenditure conducted under section 19 and 20 of the C& AG (DPC) Act. 1971.
  1. Issue of Audit Certificate on Proforma Accounts.
  1. Calculation of Audit fees.
  1. To watch realization and credit of the audit fees to the proper head of account.
  1. To maintain periodicity register of the Autonomous Bodies for Audit.
  1. To maintain report and return relating to the World Bank/ externally aided projects.
  1. Compilation of sanction received from Departments and submission to the EDP section for computerization.
  1. Issue of D.O. letter to Pr. Secretary, Finance Department regarding grants released by the administrative Department to different bodies/authorities.
  1. Submission of QPR on SAR.
  1. Submission of Annual return on completion of audit u/s 14 of the C&AG’s (DPC) Act, to HQ.
  1. Submission of Annual return on completion of audit u/s 19(1), (3) of the C&AG’s (DPC) Act, 1971.
  1. Review of periodicity of entrustment of audit u/s 19(1), (3) of the C&AG’s (DPC), Act.
  1. Examining and ensuring the application of Sections 14, and 19 of the (DPC) Act in the conduct of audit of State Autonomous Bodies
  1. Correspondences with Headquarters/ State Government regarding application of sections 14, and 19 of the C&AG’s (DPC) Act in audit of State Autonomous Bodies.
  1. Scrutinizing annual accounts for identification of applicability of section 14 in superimposed audit of autonomous bodies where independent chartered accountant is primary auditor.


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