• Giving personal hearing to individual member of staff regarding their difficulties or grievances.
  • Assistance to staff suddenly falling ill or those chronically ill and to provide necessary assistance in admission to hospital. Helping in securing admission in places of treatment.
  • Issue of photo ID cards to officers/officials.
  • To maintain and encourage the use of recreation room cum gym for health & fitness of the members of the staff and provide for indoor/outdoor sports including the tournament assigned.
  • Celebrating special days of national and international significance (e.g. Republic Day, Independence Day, International Yoga Day, World Environment Day, etc.) to sustain the importance of these special days and inculcate patriotism towards country and the planet earth at large.
  • Conducting camps like Blood Donation Camp, Yoga Camp, meditation camps, health & Dental Check-up, etc. for overall well-being of the members of the staff.
  • Any other issue related to the welfare of the office and the office staff members.
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