Audit Management Group-III comprises following sections, its functions are discussed below:-

Sl.No. Name of  the Section Functions of the sections
1. Revenue Sector-I The section is responsible for the preparation of Annual Audit Plan besides preparation of audit tour programme for audit parties composed for audit work, inclusion of new auditee units, Maintenance of Permanent Programme Register and IRs watch Register, Correspondence with Headquarters’ and State Government, Training & Exam related works and compilation of various reports and returns are also done by this section.
2. Revenue Sector –II The section is responsible for the vetting work and approval of Draft Inspection Report submitted by the Audit parties. Issuance of approved IRs and SoFs, reminders to auditee units for compliance of paras featured in IRs, maintenance of Objection Books ,Register of Outstanding Paras and  PDP Register, review of old IRs for the purpose to settle the paras/IRs are also done by this section.
3. DP Cell The function of DP Cell is to process and prepare the Draft paras for incorporation in CAG’s Audit Report of Revenue Sector.  It is also responsible to arrange and procure  the key documents from the concerned units and departments and  meet the queries raised by the DAG/AG/ Headquarters’ relating to the DPs.
4. FINAT-I Furnished by concerned section
5. FINAT-II & FAP Furnished by concerned section
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