Audit Reports on State Finances, Appropriation Accounts, Compliance Audit, Performance Audit and Stand-Alone paras are prepared and tabled in Parliament annually.

The process

After the Report of the C&AG of India on the Government of Jharkhand is countersigned by the C&AG, the same is handed over to the Head of the Finance Department with a request to arrange for its expeditious placement. One copy is also handed over to the Secretary to the Hon’ble Governor of Jharkhand for information. After the Assembly Secretariat receives a notice from the Finance Department on tabling of the Report in the Legislature, this office arranges to hand over requisite number of copies of the Report to the Assembly, so that immediately after tabling of the Report copies can be distributed among the Members of the Legislative Assembly. Once the Report is tabled, the same is uploaded in the website of the C&AG of India as well as the composite website of the AG Jharkhand. Copies of the Reports are also forwarded to the media for coverage.

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