Report of 2015 - State Finance Government of Haryana

Date on which Report Tabled:
Mon 14 Mar, 2016
Date of sending the report to Government:
Government Type:
Sector Finance


This Report on the finances of the Government of Haryana is brought out to assess the financial performance of the State during 2014-15 vis-a-vis the Budget Estimates, the targets set under the Fiscal Responsibilities and Budget Management (FRBM)  Act, 2005 and analyses the dominant trends and structural profile of Government's receipts and disbursement.
Based on the audited accounts of the Government of Haryana for the year ended 31 March 2015 and additional data collated from several sources such as the Economic Survey brought out by the State government and Census, this report provides an analytical review of the Annual Accounts of the State government in three Chapters.

Chapter 1 is based on the audit of Finance Accounts and makes an assessment of the Haryana Government's fiscal position as on 31 March 2015. It provides an account of time series of receipts and disbursement, market borrowings, quality of expenditure, financial analysis of government expenditure and investment, debt sustainability and the fiscal imbalances.

Chapter 2 is based on audit of Appropriation Accounts and gives a grant-wise description of appropriations. It elaborates on financial accountability and budget management, deficiencies in working of treasuries and outcome of review of selected grants.

Chapter 3 is an inventory of the Haryana Government's compliance with various reporting requirements and financial rules.

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